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vaslav nijinsky in his ballet jeux, 1913

Vaslav Nijinsky  (1889/90 – 1950) 
Schizophrenia ended Vaslav Nijinsky’s career prematurely.  He turned to visual art. 

Composer Igor Stravinsky together with ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, famous for his legendary performances of Petrouchka. This ballet and music is one of my favorite pieces ever. Every time I hear, see or play it (the piano four hands version) I’m fascinated from the beginning until the end. I cannot wait to record this piece on our next CD! Seven more months…

Vaslav Nijinsky in the ballet “Jeux” in his tennis outfit. The music was composed by Claude Debussy for the Ballet Russes of Sergei Diaghilev.
As Joan Acocella  writes: “Jeux” has gone down in history as a prophetic ballet. In its use of sport and bisexuality and a sort of private, our-club language, it seemed to predict the youth culture of the twenties, still a war away. In its mixing of academic dance with the postures of modern life, it is said to have ushered in the so-called neoclassical ballet of the later twentieth century. The piece had a newness, a coolness, an atmosphere of the future.”